The importance of having your own website

We live in a globalized world, with the Internet’s immediacy as a main cause. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops are constantly increasing their connectivity. All this makes it essential to have a solid Internet presence.

We just don’t ask for phone numbers anymore upon meeting someone; when keeping in touch with a customer or relative, we ask for e-mail, Facebook, or chat account information and we share videos on YouTube.

Easy, low-cost Internet access provides for more connected people. Many companies start promoting their goods by creating a strong Web presence for themselves.

Nowadays new businesses choose their brand name by first checking up their availability as an Internet domain name. If not available, it is best to choose a different name altogether. That’s how important the Internet has become.

Benefits of having a website.

Faster and cheaper than TV, radio and print media
Local, national and international reach.
Contact and information and availability for visitors 24/7.
Sales can be completed directly from the site.
Online prospecting via e-mail, social media and blogs.
Consistent, updated information for customers.

All this sums up as customer service and sales.

There are wrong reasons to create a website:

Displaying your logo.
You’re just tired of people asking if you have a site.
Because the competition already have their site.

The right reasons for creating a website:

Strong Internet presence.
Relevant product and service information.
Global reach.
Brand positioning.
Increasing company credibility.
Customer Q&A.
Market stats and info gathering.
Providing for useful content.
Customer feedback.

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