Green Hosting

Every day more and more companies in the technology industry work to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This growing interest in ecology is not only the right thing, but it also has a profound positive impact on the business industry.

Becoming a green company will help other individuals and enterprises become more environmentally aware, through better practices for their Websites and online stores.

Ecolohosting is here to support you and your customers with hosting services.


Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

Ecolohosting is backed by eco-friendly servers; We ensure that all of our services are green and help the environment. This and our superb customer service, is an incentive to choose our services.

We are well aware that Web services are here to stay for a long while, and that the ensuing pollution can become a serious problem, this is why we prevent this damage through our green services. Our Web servers provide the ideal green online platform.

Our entire team looks forward to working with you and sharing our vision. For more information on how we work and why our personalized service prompts us to be your #1 Web hosting choice, please contact us at and we will get in touch with you immediately to meet your needs.

Daniel Mercado
CEO and Founder

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