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CENTRO DIGITAL EMPRESARIAL S.A.S. is located at Avenida Universidad 2096, Indeco Universidad, Tijuana, Baja California, México, C.P.22427, an is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data. You can contact us by sending us an e-mail at:

This policy contemplates in every aspect the lawfulness, consent, information, quality, end, loyalty and proportionality in the handling of personal data.

The data we collect is:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Phone number


A) What use will we give your personal data:

We will use the data that we collect from you for the following purposes that are necessary for the service requested.

  • Keep in contact with you: notify you about renewal dates of services.
  • Collecting overdue or near expiration rates.
  • To ensure that when the support is needed, we are speaking to the right person (the owner or contact information that was filled in the form)
  • To inform you of changes in our service.
  • So the user can create a user and password, in order to be able to make purchases.

Additional to this, we will be using your personal data for the next tasks that are not necessary for the service requested, but that allow us to provide a better service:

  • To promote a service
  • For inside statistics (For example: Google Adwords tracking)
  • To appear in front of the appropriate authorities in case of this being required.

If you do not wish for your personal data to be used for these additional tasks, you may inform us of your decision by sending us an e-mail to: The refusal to use your personal data for the purposes before mentioned, may not be a reason for us to deny the services or products that you request or contract with us.

B) Sensitive personal data:

Centro Digital Empresarial does not require sensitive personal data

C) With whom we share your personal data and with what purposes.

*We inform you that your personal data (Full name, e-mail, phone number, address) will only be shared, inside and outside of the country, with those business or organizations that we have a commercial alliance, which by requirement need the personal data of the client in order to register a domain.

We inform you that for the transactions that are marked with asterisk (*) we need to obtain your consent. If you do not express your negativity for such transfers, we understand that we have been given consent.

D) ARCO Rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition)

You have the right to know which of your personal data we have, for what we use it and the conditions of use we give to it (Access). Furthermore, it is your right to request the correction of your personal data if it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); that we delete it from our database or registry if you consider that it is not being used in accordance to the principles, duties and obligations stated in the regulations (Cancelation); and oppose the use of your personal information for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

This act gives the owners of the personal data the right to access, rectify and cancel your personal information and to object to its use.

To exercise any of the ARCO rights, you will need to send an e-mail with the respective request along with an official identity card and, if applicable, that of your representative along with their official identity card; In a time frame of up to 20 working days we will deal with your request, and inform you about the origin of it, via e-mail.

E) How can you revoke your consent to the use of your personal data.

You may revoke the consent granted for the use of your personal data. You will need to send an email to, implementing the same procedure as stated above.

F) How can you limit the use or disclosure of your personal data.

You can limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, presenting the application personally at our address Avenida Universidad 2096, Indeco Universidad, Tijuana, Baja California, México, C.P. 22390, addressed to the Administrative Coordination, or emailing

G) How can you be informed about the changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be changed or updated resulting from new legal requirements, our own needs, because of products or services we provide, our own privacy practices, changes in our business model, or other circumstances.

We promise to keep you informed about changes that may occur to this privacy policy, via email or through our site:

H) What are cookies and how are they used

Cookies: Data files which are stored in the computer’s hard drive or on the electronic device used by the user when surfing a specific website, this enables the exchange of information in between the user’s browser and the website. The status information can reveal media session identification, authentication or user preferences and other data stored by the browser with respect to the website.

If the user wishes to disable cookies, you may do so through these links:



Internet Explorer:


I) Personal Data protection

In we use a SSL locket (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your confidential information so it travels securely during its transmission.

J) Confidentiality of minors

Centro Digital Empresarial understands the importance of protecting the privacy of the kids, especially in the web. Centro Digital Empresarial is not designed for or directed towards minors. It’s Centro Digital Empresarial policy to never gather or keep information of people under 18 years old.

K) Terms agreement

This Policy of Confidentiality / Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions before mentioned, which constitutes a legal agreement between you and Centro Digital Empresarial. If the user uses the services of Centro Digital Empresarial on any of his sites, will mean that the user has read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined above.

L) Authority

If the user believes that his rights have been violated regarding the protection of personal data, the user has the right to call on the appropriate authorities to defend his rights. Said authority is the Federal Institute of Access to Information (IFAI by its Spanish acronym), their website is:

Last update: 12/17/2014