About Us

We are a young company, established in 2007 and serving hundreds of satisfied clients. From Tijuana to the world, our team offers great service through eco-friendly technology.

Ecolohosting provides Web hosting, domain registration, Website, and Web app development. Our team is specialized in PHP and MySQL, as well as WordPress, which is 100% compatible with our Linux servers.


To help our clients fullfill their objectives through personalized Web services and eco-friendly practices.


We will position ourselves in the regional market as the main green Web hosting provider, and as experts with the best customer service.


  • Creativity.
  • Innovation.
  • Warmth.

Our Commitment

Our most important commitment is to offer professional and high quality Web services, as well as the best assistance to our customer. We also commit ourselves to teach and train our customers when they need it, receive feedback positively and correctly apply it, to maintain the best quality of our services, offer friendly customer service and always offer a professional service.

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