What is web hosting?

Here is a brief explanation of what a Web hosting service means.

Website hosting is the service provided to Internet users so they can save information like images, video or any content via Web. Web host companies like Ecolohosting provide the necessary space to their clients via a server. These servers are basically computers like the ones you have at home, just bigger and more powerful and with the capacity to bring users their own internet address so they can publish a website.

These servers, as the image shows, save all the information of users accounts. Every social network account, email, website, blog, Web app and everything you can access on the Web. With our servers you have a shared hosting account, which means many users with many websites are sharing the same space, which saves resources and makes website plans even more accessible for everyone. This is a great option for small- and medium-sized businesses for a good price and great performance. With this kind of hosting services businesses can obtain:

  • A space at the Web where they can promote their website and services.
  • Their own domain / address with the name of their business.
  • Personalized emails for every team member.
  • File transfer for their intranets or virtual offices.
  • Applications like blogs, image galleries, shopping carts and many cool preloaded applications.
  • Many more benefits.

The variety of apps that can be used with a shared hosting service is limitless. The great thing with Ecolohositng, is that the servers are also green an very efficient. We also provide the free website update plan, one of our most popular plans that has kept our clients’ websites up to date. They all have been keeping their site relevant with fresh information, at no extra cost.

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