The importance of having a Domain Name

Nowadays we find many businesses that use free Internet services such as, etc.. as a leading provider of e-mail service. Despite being good services, in the business world having your own Internet address and e-mail customers perceives you in a more serious way. As General Director, Administrative, Accountant, etc.. A company using an email like “” has a perception as a not very serious company. In business the first impression for the establishment of a relationship is transcendental. Having your own domain contributes to the creation of the image of an organization. And the image, remember, involves 80% of the likelihood of success on average about entering new markets. Here are more advantages of having your own internet address:


Identity and Exclusiveness:

A properly chosen name essential to the identity of your company. Without your own domain, you are stuck using branded emails from the organization providing the service. Using emails like or is not professional.



Having your own domain name shows your clients, colleagues and friends that you invest in the quality and image of your business.



Your website and your brand will be more easily be found by search engines.



In the world of business, having your own domain gives you prestige and you demonstrate you are up to date on technologies and internet services. This is a great way to improve the image of your company and be equally capable as big corporations.



Having your own domain involves projecting a positive image of the organization that is associated with a modern and efficient organization.

What are you waiting for?

Start with your own domain

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