Website Maintenance Plan.

It’s true! We will provide free maintenance services for every site that we build! Once a website is completed, it will need to be updated if it wants to maintain its relevance.

If you want visitors to continue coming back to your site, updating must be a constant process.

How the Program Works

As your site developers, we will place a miniature version of our logo on your home page. This is a win-win situation. When you agree to have that logo with a link to our website, you will receive 3 hours of website maintenance services every month at no charge. The hyperlinked page in the logo will open in a separate browser window, so when the visitor leaves our site and closes the new window, they will be back at your site. Unused hours are non-transferable and non-cumulative from month to month. Any service over the 3 free hours will be billed at the current rate. *Valid only for Websites developed by Ecolohosting.

To make this service effective email us at