Unlimited Update Plan Coverage

When you sign up for our 270, 300 or 500 Web Hosting Plans, you get free website updates. They include and excludes the following:

Images, Text and Links

Updates apply for any image you want to update that means change or delete. It also includes to change any text you need to update with links.

System Information

Update your gallery images and shopping cart products that can be updated from a control panel. We will also update your news or blog.

Video & e-mail

Updates for video files (does not cover creation of new files). Deleting anything from your site is free.

Doesn't Apply for

New Page Sections

Free updates do not include designing new site pages, updates only apply when updating actual content and existing pages.

Graphic Design and Photo Retouching

New designs such as logos, flyers, ads, brochures or photo retouching are not included in the free updates.

Advanced Programming

Advanced programming, e.g., Javascript, PHP, ASP, MySQL, XML or other dinamic languages are not included on the free Web updates. Third party software updates and malware removal on hacked sites are not included.

Video Conversion and Editing

If you have any DVD video, or another non-Web format video, it requires time to be converted to a Web-friendly format.

Searches or Transcripts

The search of images or text is not included. All content must be sent via ticket or email. Text should also be delivered in an editable format. Transcription or proofreading is not included.

New Additions

Plugins, contact forms, chat systems, forums, blogs, photo galleries, and any other script that requires programming and / or database installation, are not included.

Any requested update that isn’t covered by the maintenance plan, will be quoted and subject to your approval.